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Why choose TLC Kids..

At TLC Kids we focus on important themes, details, subjects and items relevant to daily living.

We don’t do all the extra external events such as Grandparents’ Day, Museum trips, train ride, Petting Zoo’s and Botanical Gardens.

All these trips are not necessarily significant to the child or might not even be remembered by him/her. For us it also places the children at unnecessary risk.

Parents also play an important role in the child’s education therefore we encourage them to arrange these events as fun, learning and time together.

Music, Art and Gross motor Activities form part of our daily curriculum. No external teachers or extramural activities are hosted at TLC.

Moms and Dads: feel free to introduce your kids to activities outside should you feel it is required. We will assist you with contact details for swimming, ballet, karate etc.

We believe in sitting down together as a family to have a meal, we eat together at school; we shall appreciate if parents could also encourage this at home. Use this time to bond and develop communications skills.

We read a lot of stories, also Bible stories. Not only to teach them about the Bible but to establish and teach good morals and values.

Regarding Facebook and Privacy: we do have a FB Page, “TLC Kids” (if you are not on it please do join!). We do not use it as a publicity page for the school or to share pictures of our children. Instead it is used for sharing valuable information, news and articles with parents; be it educational, emotional, art or any other.

Fundraising and collections: We host one Fundraiser annually. No cake sales, raffles or entrepreneurs’ day. No hidden costs or increases during the year. Our financial planning is done ahead of time and that is what the Registration Fee is used for.

Open door policy: our doors are always open to parents but we ask that you respect and remember we follow a daily program and activities are planned. We also have gate times for safety reasons and for the fact that children are sleeping between 12 and 2pm.

Communication is KEY!! Not just from our side but also from home, any changes can affect your child and we ask that you keep us informed.

Adjustment takes time! Please don’t think if after two weeks your child still cries when you drop them off it’s not for them. BE does take time. We are open and will discuss ways and means with you to make the process easier.

All of the above mentioned is what we value most; we hope that you share in our values.

P.S. There are NO signs and NO bell; privacy and safety is important. Please remember that when you send someone else to collect your child (it is most important that you notify us in advance with photo of the person who will be collecting)


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