Welcome to Happy Little Faces Daycare! Whether you are a mom, dad or guardian, you want your child to have a loving and caring environment in which to play and learn. We understand the need to provide quality childcare and are excited to offer this service to the community.

We offer you and your child

✓ A loving and safe environment
✓ Understanding and compassion
✓ Clean and serene classrooms
✓ Children are constantly watched and never left unsupervised
✓ Extremely high standards
✓ Working lovingly with you through the difficult stages of growing up
✓ You are kept informed of your child’s activities, progress and incidents
✓ Because we care - We will contact you if your child is not at school
✓ Accommodating management and staff, addressing you and your child’s needs
✓ Trained First aiders on site


The children attending our Centre do not have TV-knees; they love the outdoors and learn through playing. Messy play, walking barefoot on the grass and playing outside all develops their skills and enhances intelligence.

*Scribbling, coloring, painting and pasting
*Musical Development
*Hand-, Eye- and Feet-Coordination
*Development of fine and greater motor skills
*Playground Activities
*Ball Action
*Creative Arts and Crafts
*Educational activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities at our Center and we strive that all children participate in at least one of them so that they don’t feel left out when the fun starts. ☺ Please enquire at management about registering your child.
* Pottery Classes             * Monkey Nastix             * Playball            * Groovy Kinetics               *Computer Classes         * Swimming

School Calendar

We follow the Mpumalanga calendar in December and January to accommodate parents with older children in Secondary and High school. We only close for the December school holiday and all public holidays.

Daily schedule

08:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – Morning Snack

12:00 – Lunch

12:30 – Nap time

14:00 – 1st Afternoon snack (halfday not included)

16:00 – 2nd Afternoon snack

16:30 – Get ready for Home

18:00 – Centre Closes

We have a toilet break every 30 minutes and nappies are also checked every 30 minutes and changed when needed


All meals are included and made at the Centre, please see the weekly menu on our sign in Kiosk.


It is hard to believe that foods most of us eat and enjoy every day can be harmful or deadly to others, but it is true. Eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish are the most common foods causing allergic reactions, but almost any food has the potential to trigger an allergy. Please inform us of any allergy your child might have.


Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s birthday celebrations at school. Please contact the school in advance if a birthday party is to be held at school during school hours to ensure that all necessary arrangements can be made.

Cakes and/or Cupcakes can be made at the Center on order, prior to your child’s birthday.

Parties are typically booked on Fridays every week.


All children are requested to rest during the day, however, are not forced to sleep. Children need that time to relax and unwind. Please check the sign sheet if you wish to know if your child slept.


The dignity of each child is always respected. Positive guidance is used to assist a child to substitute appropriate behavior for inappropriate behavior. Physical, verbal or emotional punishment is never used and at no time is the child made to feel frightened, humiliated or threatened. A warm, friendly and positive approach to discipline is used and trusted at Happy Little Faces Daycare.

Children’s Clothing Requirements

Please help your child “dress for success” by selecting comfortable, washable clothing for your child to wear in school. All children want to feel comfortable and free to climb and run, to paint and build, to exercise their muscles and imaginations.

Climbing, running, kicking, and digging are just a few of the activities that your children will participate in when playing outside. Sneakers are recommended for outside play. It is important that your child’s shoes protect the top of the foot, have closed toes and good gripping action, and have laces or Velcro that securely hold the shoe on the child's foot.

The children will be going outside every day, weather permitting. Please send outdoor wear appropriate to the season, including hats, mittens, and boots. Label all clothing items.

We do not want to curtail the children's involvement with the outdoors and their opportunities to develop their physical skills. We do, however, want to take all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety. Your support in complying with these requests is greatly appreciated.

Toilet Learning

We recognize that the toilet learning process may be challenging for both children and parents. When to begin helping a child learn to use the toilet should be a decision made largely by parents and based on signs of readiness from the child. Beginning too early often leads to frustration and power struggles between the child and adult. The importance of individualizing the age at which children learn to use the toilet cannot be over emphasized. If you are helping your child at home with this developmental task, please let us know so we can assist your child at school. This is definitely a time when we need to be partners.

Parents are asked to provide disposable diapers and wipes for your child. A child who is being taught to use the toilet should wear “training” underpants. He/she will be encouraged to use the toilet periodically. Clothing from accidents will be sent home for laundering. We ask that you provide a minimum of 2 sets of clean clothing that will remain at the Centre for use if the need arises.

At school, toilet training is done in a positive and encouraging way. Your child will be offered several opportunities to use the bathroom. If he/she needs help dressing or undressing, a staff member will be happy to assist. Children will be encouraged to be self-sufficient as much as possible. Children are neither punished for accidents nor physically forced to use the toilet but are encouraged to do so.

We request that a similar program be used at home. Please talk with the staff if you need any ideas or suggestions. We find a consistent approach is the best way to get children on the right track in using the bathroom.

When your child is sick or injured

Children with infectious conditions (contagious) will not be admitted to the Centre for the duration of the illness, in their own interests and those of the other children and staff. In addition to these non-immunized children will also need to be withdrawn from the Centre for the duration of infection in the group. This policy is rigidly adhered to.

Parents must contact the Centre to report contagious illnesses. In the event of child becoming ill in the Centre, the parent will be contacted; therefore, it is imperative that the parent ensures the current phone numbers are with the person in charge at all times.

In the event of a parent or contact not being available, the Owner or the person in charge will take whatever steps are considered to be necessary to ensure the child’s will-being.

Prescribed Medication:

Prescribed medication will be administered as directed by the child’s doctor and given at those times as set down either by the doctor, in writing, or as set out on the original bottle label by the pharmacist.

Non – Prescribed Medication:

Non-prescribed medication should not be given by staff to any child unless prior written permission and instruction from the child’s doctor has been received by the Owner /person in charge. Panado will be administered only in the case of high fever. A permission form must be signed by the parent prior to the event.




Parents wishing staff to administer medication are required to complete the Medication Register when they arrive in the morning and at least one dose of the medication must be given to the child at home in case of an allergic reaction. Please hand the medication to a staff member so that it can be locked away safely.

Children who must take medicine on an ongoing basis for longer than 10 days or who need to have medicine available in case of an emergency, must have a doctor's written permission for the Centre to administer the medicine. Please make sure your child's teacher is aware that medication must be administered. A form must be filled out authorizing a staff member to give the medicine. All medicine must be given to a staff person, who in turn will put it in the First Aid box or refrigerator.

Please consider asking your child's physician to prescribe medications which can be administered by you at home. The Center is a busy place, and while our staff is very conscientious, we do forget things from time to time. Please try to arrange to have all medication given at home to prevent a missed dose of medication when possible.


Parents of an injured child will be contacted promptly. An incident register is kept at the Centre to comply with Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

Reporting Child Abuse

The employees of the Centre are required by law to report all suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect to the proper authorities. It is important to tell the teachers or Director the nature and circumstances behind any unusual bruises or injuries that your child has received. This will aid in evaluating and not overreacting to a situation.

Hygiene and Safety

Strict health and hygiene practices that have regard to current community standards are held. Strict supervision, maintenance of equipment and various safety precautions ensure the safety of children.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Procedures for emergency evacuation (in case of fire) are displayed throughout the Centre, and fire drills are implemented once per month.

Lost Property

Do not worry if individual items are temporarily misplaced when you pick up your child, they usually turn up the next day. To assist us in identifying lost items please ensure that all of your child’s property is clearly marked.


Only authorized persons are allowed to collect your child. We require and retain proof of identification for all authorized persons and your child will not be released to anyone if their information is not on our file. Our doors and gates are locked at all times to ensure no free passage to anyone. We also have a security camera fully functional at the gate entrance for your peace of mind.

Photographs and Publicity

Photographs of the children participating in our programs may be taken periodically and may appear in newspapers, magazines, brochures, on Facebook or other publicity materials. Permission for the use of these photographs, to be used without compensation and with child anonymity, is requested when your child attends the Centre.

Notice period for taking your child out of the School

We require a one-month notice period from you when you decide to take your child out of our school. This one-month clause is reflected in the admissions contract and we ask that you please adhere to it. There will be no exceptions to this Rule. Notice must be given in writing, or you will be liable to pay school fees until such notice was given.

Payment of School Fees

All payments are made in advance and are due at the beginning of the month before or on the 1st of every month. If payments are not made in full as stipulated, a late payment fee of R50 will be added to your account automatically and if payment are not made accordingly, your child will not be allowed on the premises until the account has been paid in full. A full month payment will be paid even if it is school holidays or your child has been absent from school for whatever reason. The parents will be held responsible for the payment of all school fees, if the one-month notice, as required for taking your child out of school, is not adhered to, the parents will also be held responsible for the payment of the notice month. Notice can NOT be given after the 1st of October.

It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that fees are paid on time if the account is being paid by a relative or any other third party. when the said third party fails to pay on time you have to pay the fees and when the eventually pay, an arrangement can be made for a refund.

Parent’s Responsibilities

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the child’s teacher regarding changes in information recorded about the child. It is the parent’s responsibility to read all the information relating to the Centre in order to be familiar with policy information. It is also the parent’s responsibility to comply with relevant policies of the Centre and to participate in the Centre’s activities when possible.


Your children are our primary concern. If you have any further questions or concerns about you child or the running of the Centre, please do not hesitate to speak to the teacher or the Owners. Let’s all work together to make the Centre one which is a benefit to all involved.


We look forward to having you join our Center, and making us a part of your child’s journey☺☺☺



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