30 Day Interim for the ECD Sector

Respected EduXSA Members

The only changes in the interim for the ECD sector for the next 30 days, till DBE Gazettes a way forward for schools or the new amended SA Heath Regulations are approved:

1. No wearing of masks outdoors but, still indoors, children do not have to wear masks indoors.

2. Toys and carpets may return

3. 1m distancing still in place for ECD’s but, DBE Gazette states no social distancing in schools. Busy looking into this will let you know as soon as I receive feedback.

4. Parents may enter the sites if the governing body or owner agrees.

5. Sickbay still in place.

6. Washing hands regularly still in place.

7. No screening daily needed

8. Sanitizing still seen as good practice.

9. Parents and staff still to be encouraged to disclose Covid positive status.

10. Regular cleaning and good food handling still good practice.

11. No screens or partitions required.

I want to encourage the ECD sector to take the practices you have implemented during the Covid pandemic that work well for you and keep those you found helpful as part of your daily routine. Not everything we had to do was all bad.

Some of the things we routinely did in the last 2 years were good practice and should become part of a well managed ECD’s QMS.

The list above is from the questions I received. from EDUX SA Members. I spoke to various Departments to find the right answers. If there are any other questions, I am more than willing to find out please list them in the comments below.

Remember: This is for the next 30 days thereafter, the amended Health regulations will take effect in SA.


Charmaine Botha